Mercato Mercato – OM: The standoff is engaged with Gerson


Since the start of the season, Gerson has experienced real discomfort at OM. The 25-year-old midfielder would like to leave the Marseille club to return to Flamengo, his former team. Moreover, the Brazilian would only want this destination for his future, while other clubs would have come forward for his transfer.

As the winter transfer window approaches, the soap opera Gerson is getting bigger. Announced towards a return to Flamengo, the 25-year-old midfielder will ultimately not return to Brazil. According to exclusive information from, theOM and Flamengo have never been on the same wavelength. While the Brazilian team only wanted to pay €12m, Pablo Longoria asked for 20 million euros. And the president of theOM does not seem to want to move from its positions.

Longoria will not move from his positions for Gerson

As long as Flamengo does not align with our demands, he remains a Marseille player. The price is set by the selling club, not the buyer explained Pablo Longoria recently in The Team. The discomfort Gerson doesn’t seem to want to resolve either. While theOM is doing an internship in Marbella in Spain in order to prepare as well as possible for the return to competition. Except that the Brazilian was not retained in the group led by Igor Tudor.

Gerson only wants Flamengo

On his side, Gerson would have a clear will for its future. According to information from SportMed TVthe midfielder of theOM would only like to go to Flamengo. The 25-year-old wouldn’t want to join any other club. However, other teams would have come forward, but nothing to interest Gerson. The latter would only like Flamengo. To see if the Brazilian club will manage to come to an agreement with theOM. A real showdown is looming for the future of Gerson. Still, for the moment, Pablo Longoria does not want to lower its requirements.

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