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Between Pochettino and Galtier, it’s day and night in Paris

Posted on September 23, 2022 at 05:30 by Thomas Bourseau

Mauricio Pochettino and Christophe Galtier have a considerably different management style. Returning to PSG after a season on loan at Sporting Lisbon, Pablo Sarabia noted the differences between the two men and what leads him to believe he will enjoy more playing time with Galtier than with Pochettino who does not didn’t count on him.

After two seasons at PSG during which he sailed between the starting lineup of Thomas Tuchel and the bench, pablo Sarabia had no choice but to leave the Paris HolyGerman through a loan in the summer of 2021 to Sporting Lisbon after the Euro.

Pochettino ‘didn’t trust’ Sarabia

Indeed, while Mauricio Pochettino had arrived six months earlier on the bench of the PSG, pablo Sarabia did not enter into the plans of the Parisian coach as he informed the Onda Cero these last hours. “Pochettino didn’t trust me at all and last season I had to leave. I thought it was a good decision. At Sporting Portugal I showed my best game”.

The players knew if Pochettino trusted them with the nature of their relationship

During his subsequent interview with the Onda Cero, Pablo Sarabia went even further by explaining that each member of the locker room of the PSG knew if Mauricio Pochettino trusted them or not given the way the Argentinian technician behaved with them. “Depending on the relationship that Pochettino had with such and such a player, you knew if he trusted you or not. That’s why I decided to leave. The best thing for me was to leave PSG.

A very different method applied by Christophe Galtier

According to the statements made by pablo Sarabia at theAFP lately, it seems that Christophe Galtier is operating differently. At least with the Spanish international to whom he explained his plans for the season. What encourage him to think that he will play more than with Mauricio Pochettino. “When I arrived I spoke with him, I was happy with the idea he is trying to develop, now we are playing with five defenders and I think he will be a good coach for us. I knew most of the players, so the adaptation was very easy. (…) It’s true that last year I played more, but I think I’m going to play this year too”.

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