Mercato Mercato – PSG: Campos already under pressure for this €60m crack?


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24hfootnews – PSG: Campos already under pressure for this €60m crack?

Posted on September 22, 2022 at 10:10 p.m. by Pierrick Levallet

Seeking to prepare for the club’s future, PSG are already considering recruiting young and promising profiles. With this in mind, the capital club would think of Endrick, the 16-year-old nugget from Palmeiras. However, another European cador would also eye the Brazilian striker. And this team would have already planned a date to take action.

The transfer market has only been closed for a few weeks, but the PSG would already think of a few moves for the next transfer window. Moreover, the Parisian management would like to prepare the future of the club of the capital and would therefore think of certain young and promising profiles. In this perspective, the PSG would be very interested in Endrick, 16 years old. Endowed with great potential, the Brazilian striker Palmeiras is already panicking Europe. However, the capital club would not be the only team thinking about Endrick.

Barça is also in the game

According to information from SPORTthe FC Barcelona would also think of the nugget of Palmeiras. However, the Catalan formation would have planned to take action only next summer, at the end of the season. Luis Campos is therefore warned. The Parisian sports adviser will have to start negotiations earlier with Palmeiras if he does not want to be overtaken by the competition of the Barca.

Real Madrid cooled off for Endrick

Endrick is also particularly appreciated on the side of the real Madrid. Nevertheless, brand revealed a few days ago that the Madrid club would find the Brazilian’s price totally disproportionate. To recruit the 16-year-old nugget, it would be necessary to raise the sum of 60M€. the real Madrid could therefore pass his turn, and leave a shooting window for the other contenders.

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