Mercato Mercato – PSG: Qatar is positioning itself for the return of Xavi Simons


During the summer transfer window, Xavi Simons made the decision to leave PSG freely to join the Netherlands and PSV Eindhoven. Since then, the young star has had fun in the Dutch championship. Ultra decisive, he begins to give regrets to Luis Campos. In addition, his performances do not go unnoticed and he could interest several clubs during the next transfer windows. While PSG have an advantage, the capital club is on the lookout.

By leaving the PSG, xavi simons made the best possible decision because his excellent start to the season allowed him to be selected with the Netherlands in Qatar. His team will find argentina of Lionel Messi in the quarter-finals of the Global. But now, its hatching could cause harm to the PSG who let him slip away for 0€. However, Luis Campos has a lien on a possible transfer of the Dutch jewel.

PSG on the lookout for Simons

the PSG got the start of xavi simons Nevertheless. Cunning, the capital club has negotiated several clauses that allow it to keep control of him. The Team reveals that the PSV will be obliged to discuss with an interested club if an offer of more than 4M€ arrives on its table. And in the event that several suitors present themselves, the PSG, which closely follows its evolution, would have priority, provided that the player is willing to return to it. It will therefore be xavi simons to decide if he is willing to agree to return to the PSG after the multiple promises not kept by the leaders towards him. His clan did not wish to give more clues.

“If Xavi Simons will return to PSG? Who knows ?”

For her part, the representative of xavi simons recently sidestepped the issue. ” If Xavi Simons will return to PSG? Who knows ? As a lawyer, I exercise my right not to answer » had declared Rafaela Pimenta during an interview with the Gazzetta dello Sport.

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