Messi did not like the guard of honor at Camp des Loges


Argentinian striker Lionel Messi has just said he would have preferred not to receive a tribute from his Parisian teammates.

Winner of the World Cup with Argentina last month, Lionel Messi was celebrated with dignity after that. In his country, but also in France, the country from which he nevertheless made the selection suffer in the final. On his return to Camp des Loges, he was treated to a nice tribute from his PSG teammates.

Messi doesn’t like tributes

They have reserved a guard of honor for him. Generally, this kind of recognition is very pleasing. But, the person concerned indicated that he was not very comfortable and that he would have preferred to be spared this kind of sequence. While of course thanking his partners for their gesture and the attention they showed him.

“I don’t like these things,” he said in an interview with Olé. Although obviously I appreciate it and it was something very nice. I’m embarrassed to be at the center and to be treated this way. But it was nice to have the recognition of all the people here in Paris. »

If there is one thing that La Pulga does not regret, however, it is to have been crowned world champion. Even today he admits that he has not yet recovered from his emotions. “To be able to say that we are world champions, that I am world champion, that’s what I have been looking for all my career. It’s something unique (…) I was sure that God was going to give me a World Cup. I don’t know why, but I was convinced of it. He chose the best moment,” he said.

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