Metz-Lyon: Bosz does not excuse anything


Coming out of the defeat of his OL team this Sunday against Metz (3-2, 36th day of Ligue 1), Peter Bosz did not seek excuses from his men.

It was perhaps the game not to lose for Olympique Lyonnais. While he still had a slim chance of being able to hang on to Europe at the end of a narrow season, the Rhone club fell on the lawn of the Messina red lantern (3-2, 36th day). For the Lyon coach, this new misstep is incomprehensible. He does not clear his men.

During the post-match press conference, the Dutch strategist appeared dejected by this umpteenth poor performance from Lyon. ” The first half, how can you start such an important match for us like this? I can not explain it. […] There are no excuses. Absolutely not. No excuses. We have to win this game. They (the Messins) fought in the duels, and not us. So we have no excuse. »

A failure ? ” Yes “

Realistic, Peter Bosz did not make a fuss when making the overall report of the season. To a journalist who asked him if he considered it a failure, the coach did not hesitate when answering frankly: ” Yes. For me, yes. Seventh in the standings two days before the end of the exercise, Lyon is five points behind Strasbourg (5th), the last European team.

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