Neymar “more in the smell of sanctity” at PSG


If Kylian Mbappé is unanimous around him at Paris Saint-Germain, this is not the case for Neymar. The Brazilian is debating internally.

Extended a year ago, Neymar has had something in common with Kylian Mbappé since yesterday, that of being contracted with Paris Saint-Germain until June 2025. However, the status and importance of the two men has long since changed. Their curves have crossed and while the tricolor international shines and progresses more each day, the Brazilian seems to stagnate and is now far from the hopes placed in him at the time of his recruitment. Fact, the Parisian club wonders if it should not part with it.

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As indicated The Team in its columns, the case of “Ney” is subject to discussion in the mysteries of the Parisian club. The daily evokes internal debates “And the possibility of seeing the PSG indicate the exit. With a major problem, however: the difficulty of finding a club capable of affording such a player, who is also paid handsomely in Paris. An equation not easy to achieve for Nasser al-Khelaïfi and the leaders.

Bad return on investment

But the desire seems really present for PSG to turn the Neymar page. more direct, The Parisian thus asserts that the player ” is no longer in the odor of holiness with Qatar. The media claims that ” the return on investment (…) does not have a good ratio according to the shareholders“. They are now looking for a way to separate from him, in the event of an offer of course“. The mission will not be easy.

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