Neymar’s mentality (PSG): Pochettino raises the tone


Present at a press conference on Thursday, Mauricio Pochettino focused on the Brazilian playmaker, currently under fire from critics.

In recent days, Neymar has not been spared from criticism following his interview broadcast by the DAZN media, in which he evokes a possible end of his international career after the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. It did not take more for the detractors of the Brazilian to point the finger at his lack of consideration for his profession as a footballer, some even going so far as to say that Neymar “does not like or does not like football anymore”. This is not the opinion of Mauricio Pochettino. And the Argentinian technician wanted to let it be known.

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“I have no doubt that Ney loves football”

After a first media release in a Spanish media, the coach of PSG made an update this Thursday in front of the media, during his press conference. Pochettino is adamant that there is no doubt about Neymar’s mentality. ” Ney is a man, a player, sincere, who expresses his feelings. You have to put your words in context. He has significant mental strength. From a young age, he has been in the spotlight and the media. He succeeded. I don’t think there is a problem. I have no doubt that Ney loves football, that he wants to enjoy it for years to come. He shows his passion for football every day, ”concluded the technician. End of the story

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