OL: Aulas gets carried away with Textor

The president of Olympique Lyonnais, Jean-Michel Aulas, spoke to the press this Friday, in particular to present the new recruits of OL, Dejan Lovran, Jeffinho and Amin Sarr. The historic leader, however, took the time to express himself on Twitter.

John Textor Jean-Michel Aulas OL

Would Jean-Michel Aulas be angry with a lot of people at OL? If the French leader denied any tension with Laurent Blanc, his coach, with regard to the winter transfer window 2023, Jean-Michel Aulas also took the trouble to reach out to the Brazilian Juninho. The ex-player and former sports director of the current 10th in Ligue 1 has been cold with JMA since the end of his adventure at OL, in December 2021. Because, since then, the president of OL claims to regret the Brazilian’s stint at the club as sporting director.

Jérôme Rothen, who hosts a program on RMC with Juninho as a consultant, wants the two men to reconcile, as Jean-Michel Aulas proposed: “I want to (organize a reconciliation, editor’s note) but on one condition: that Jean-Michel Aulas call Juninho to apologize for his words, which certainly exceeded his thoughts and which hurt Juni ‘and many supporters Lyons. (…) If I can be the godfather of this reunion, it would be wonderful. I’m sad to see that a historic president like Jean-Michel Aulas and his best player of all time at OL get caught like that and have harsh speeches towards each other.

The proposal is launched, remains to be seen if it will materialize.

Aulas denies a problem with Textor

On TwitterJean-Michel Aulas also openly contradicted a website on OL news which claimed, after the president’s statements at a press conference, that the latter accused John Textor of having “leaded a transfer”. An erroneous insinuation: “At this stage, it is no longer extrapolation, but science fiction. Fortunately, we work with John (Textor) in confidence on a daily basis for the best OL. We will continue to build this project together towards the future and the ‘winning mentality’.”

In this somewhat heavy atmosphere around the club, OL are preparing for their match of the day in L1, against Troyes (7 p.m.).

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