OM have failed everything, a frame is loose!

Third in Ligue 1 behind Paris Saint-Germain and Racing Club de Lens, Olympique de Marseille had a frustrating end to the season.

“We failed in our objectives”. Dimitri Payet did not go overboard when taking stock of the Olympique de Marseille season. In an interview with France Football, the playmaker of the Marseille club did not shirk his executive responsibilities after the team’s disappointing end to the season.

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“We had the opportunity to aim for something exceptional, in the league, in the Coupe de France, but also in the Champions League by passing the group stage for the first time in years, lamented Payet. (The PSG?) It was the year or never. We end up far from them, but we were quite close at one point. There has not always been serenity at PSG. We could have taken advantage of it. We didn’t know how to do it. »

“Have we been disrespectful to the supporters? Yes, totally”

For Payet, some defeats are hard to swallow. Like the one against Brest, for example. “It’s a bit like what I said to the guys after the last home game against Brest (1-2). I went through this a few years ago, so I can talk about it: from the moment everyone does not understand which club he set foot in, we will always experience failures like this. It is not for lack of having warned everyone also after the qualification against PSG. Until we are all immersed in the history of OM, until we understand that many teams are playing the match of the year against us, we will still experience a lot of disappointment. »

The attacking midfielder even went so far as to apologize to the fans. “Did we disrespect the supporters against Annecy? Yes, totally. After the last home game against Brest, too, and I said it in the locker room. I would like to apologize, because Annecy, Brest at home, is unacceptable, unacceptable. What I saw the day before against Brest, in the city, on the Old Port, the Corniche, the celebrations for the 30th anniversary of the victory in the European Cup, up to the tifo before the match, it deserved we really show something else. The coach shouldn’t even have had to give a talk before this game, he just had to show the video of the celebrations. I’m sorry. »

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