OM, worry about the next transfer window


Journalist specializing in the transfer window, Simone Rovera has displayed her skepticism for the transfer window of OM.

Very active on the transfer market last summer, Olympique de Marseille still has a narrow financial margin. In addition, the workforce of the Marseille club is made up of many experienced players, whose odds are limited. Parameters that make the task of Marseille decision-makers more difficult according to Simone Rovera, specialist in the field.

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“Who to sell? How to sell? “

“This year is year 0 of the Longoria project at OM. It happened in a somewhat complicated context. The transfer window was a bit of an invention. His real shot was Milik in January. He talks about a five-year project to rebuild OM. On the other hand, Rennes, last season was the first stage and this year, it is the second. It means that the second year of a project is better. And that’s what OM still lack“, Explained the journalist.

“You may have players you still have to make final evaluations on,” the RMC consultant continued. When you arrive in January, you have to recruit but OM cannot because they have no money, except by selling players. This will be the big project for Longoria in January. Who to sell? How to sell? Why would players who weren’t sold be more bankable in January than last summer? Nobody came knocking on OM’s door last summer for some players, ”concluded Simone Rovera.

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