Pochettino cash on Neymar’s depression


Neymar does not seem very good about himself at the moment, Mauricio Pochettino has reacted.

Neymar is not at his best at the moment. Depression hit the PSG striker. The former Barcelona man said in a documentary by DAZN that the next World Cup will perhaps be his “last“, he who seems mentally tired. In remarks granted to the Iberian media, Mauricio Pochettino, the Parisian coach, reveals a discussion between the Brazilian and Leonardo.

A great mental strength at Neymar

“He had a conversation with Leonardo where he explained his feelings, and I think everything is clear. He expressed what he was feeling at the time, and I can see it loudly. Neymar, at 29, is one of the best players in the world, who from a young age has been under pressure to do great things on a football pitch, ”thundered the PSG coach for El Partidazo by Cope. “It’s clear that he has incredible mental strength, character, enormous sensitivity. He has the virtue of always being sincere and of speaking the truth. He said something that can be interpreted in a thousand ways, but I have no doubt that he wants to be in Paris, show his courage and give the club the Champions League that he has coveted for so many years. years ”, again slipped the technician from Ile-de-France, for whom Neymar is easy to administer on a daily basis.

“Neymar is not difficult to manage. I have a lot of respect for him, and we have a technical staff that does not get involved in what does not concern us, it is very important. Privacy is privacy. Then, it is our professional life that interests us, ”he asserted.

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