Pogba affair, marabourage of Mbappé … The new revelations


the JDD made new revelations this Sunday concerning the Paul Pogba affair and the alleged maraboutage of Kylian Mbappé.

According to the Sunday newspaper, the marabout of Paul Pogba would now be perfectly identified. Birame D., a 39-year-old man residing in an upscale town in Val d’Oise, would have gradually acquired the confidence of the star of the France team over the years, until he became a central figure in the shadow of the tricolor midfielder’s career. So far, the latter has not released the slightest information to the media concerning the maraboutage sessions demanded by Paul Pogba.

A man releases “info”

Still according to the French weekly, one of the men indicted in this case for acts of extortion maintains his accusations about Paul Pogba, who would have called on this marabout to cast a spell on Kylian Mbappé in 2019. Two months after a request for the release of Mathias Pogba rejected by the judges, the JDD claims that the suspect in question confirmed during his hearing certain accusations from the brother of the French international based on messages found by investigators in his phone. This man, like the whole entourage of the player involved in this affair, would have very badly experienced the fact that Paul Pogba pays very large sums of money to this marabout. We are talking here of several tens of thousands of euros per month.

What future in Blues for Pogba?

In this context, the future of Paul Pogba in the France team appears rather vague. Package for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the former Manchester United player will have to show his credentials in the coming months to hope to postpone the Blues jersey. A few weeks ago, Didier Deschamps gave news of the Turinese. “These are not rumours, these are misguided things. If you want to create stories within stories… there is only one factual story, which today is in the hands of justice. And besides, since this is the case with two investigating judges, there are a lot fewer who talk and say nonsense. He is a victim. But psychologically he is fine”had entrusted the French coach.

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