“PSG and Mbappé are insoluble”, judges a former Parisian


A former PSG player believes Kylian Mbappé’s injury was impossible to avoid.

Kylian Mbappé was hit in the thigh this week. The examinations carried out revealed a muscular lesion, which will require at least three weeks of rest. A forced rest which forced him to miss the clash against Bayern Munich in the knockout stages of the Champions League.

“Mbappé can also be fragile”

This significant defection in the Parisian camp has raised many questions. Did Mbappé get injured because he played too much? Could his injury have been avoided? Wasn’t his Parisian club careful enough with him?

While many observers fell on the Parisian leaders, Vikash Dhorasoo, the former player of the team, think that the management and the staff have absolutely nothing to reproach themselves for. “PSG managed quite well, he said on the The team channel. He had ten days off at the beginning of the year. After the World Cup, he wanted to come back and move on. And then why doesn’t Messi get injured, when he plays and is much older than him? “.

For Dhorasoo, it’s the fault of bad luck and also the style of the game of crack bondynois : “His game is at risk, with his accelerations, brutal and violent races. He has a “dangerous” game. And there is a lot of contact and aggression. It is the risk of any football player to get injured when playing at a very high level. He too can be fragile.

Finally, the 2006 vice-world champion indicates that there is nothing shocking in Mbappé’s string of matches with his team: “It’s normal for Mbappé to play with PSG. Should he have played in the Cup against the US Pays de Cassel? I don’t think he tried too hard in that match. He scored 5 goals quietly. He wants to play and PSG needs him, it’s insoluble.

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