PSG: Beaten by Messi in Qatar, Mbappé has still not digested


Beaten by Lionel Messi’s Argentina in the World Cup final, Kylian Mbappé is still struggling to accept this failure. If he says he is ready to move forward to help PSG achieve its goals, the 24-year-old striker is still very affected by this defeat that he has not yet digested.

Kylian Mbappe could have lifted the second world Cup of her career. But in the end, he saw Lionel Messi take the holy grail at 35. L’French team was defeated on penalties byArgentina in the final of Global. Kylian Mbappé’s hat-trick was not enough. The 24-year-old striker finds it difficult to come to terms with this bitter defeat. But the star of PSG is still ready to move forward.

“I think it will never be digested”

Ready to turn the page on the World Cup? Sure ! We discussed the whole World Cup with the coach and the management to find out what was best for the team first and for me too. We spoke before the final and I said that I would come back, whatever the result, because I felt good, I wanted to continue playing, I didn’t want to go on vacation right away. We have important matches, the coach said no worries and I was lined up tonight ” asserted Kylian Mbappe in the mixed zone after the victory of PSG against Strasbourg this Wednesday (2-1).

“PSG is not responsible for our defeat”

Nevertheless, Kylian Mbappe admits that he has not yet digested this failure in the final: ” Did I digest the final? I don’t think it will ever digest. I will never digest it. Now, as I told the coach and the teammates, there is no reason for my club to pay for a failure in selection. PSG is not responsible for our defeat. I tried to come back with the best possible energy, being as positive as possible. I’m not playing a crazy match but I continued to believe in it, to push, because I knew that with nothing we could turn the situation around and that’s what we did very late in the match. We are very happy. ” From now on, Kylian Mbappe focuses on the rest of the season with the PSGwith the aim of getting this long-awaited Champions League in the capital.

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