PSG give in to Manchester City / Champions League (J5)


Paris SG logically lost against Manchester City on Wednesday (1-2). A setback which does not prevent him from securing his passage in 8th before the final day.

Contrary to what was the case last season, PSG will not wait until the last day of the group stage to secure their ticket to the knockout stages of the Champions League. While they still have one game to play, the Parisians are already guaranteed to see the European spring. A qualification that is not stolen in view of their course. However, on the evening of Wednesday, this outcome is less their merit than that of RB Leipzig, who managed to crush Bruges (4-0) and thus folded the suspense for second qualifying place.

An unbalanced battle

Paris, for its part, did not do much against Manchester City. Or rather if. He managed to preserve his clean sheet for more than an hour, which is a miracle in view of the balance of power. And, he also managed to take the advantage at the mark completely against the course of the game thanks to a realization of his strong man Kylian Mbappé (50e). But, apart from that, the visitors did not manage to be respected, contesting only on rare sequences the glaring superiority of their opponent of the day.

There was a form of justice in Manchester City reversing the score in the final half hour. Pep Guardiola’s team completely flew over the debates, with a clear domination and a multitude of strikes on Parisian goals. His fault was only to be too imprecise in the zone of truth. And yet, even wasting ammo, the Sky Blues should have ended up in front before the break. Ilkay Gundogan notably had the misfortune of finding the post on a low shot at the 31e.

A heckled but threatening PSG

PSG therefore suffered most of the time. But, and as one might expect, the French team was not left out in terms of clear chances. When she got the ball, even if it was very rare, she knew how to put it to good use. Before beating Ederson on a shot low to the ground and between the legs of the Brazilian goalkeeper, Mbappé had already almost scored at the end of the first period (43e) of a coiled strike following a quick attack.

And in the second half, after the English equalizer, an express comeback was on the verge of a goal, but Neymar failed to frame in an advantageous position. It was the turning point of this match, since in the next minute Bernardo Silva scored the second goal for the locals. The Portuguese had plenty of time to conclude in front of Navas, following a delivery from Gabriel Jesus and who had followed a cross from Riyad Mahrez (79th, 2-1).

Citizens rewarded for their efforts

To pierce the Parisian wall, the Eastlands relied on aerial transmissions because on land the rearguard of the PSG pushed everything back. A ladle of Rodri in the back of the Parisian defenders was profitable to Walker, who sent the leather in the axis where was Raheem Sterling (63e). With the tip of his foot and with the help of the post, the English international took Keylor Navas by default.

The decision was slow to come to City’s side, but the success was anything but overused. The best team wins and the best team will also finish at the top of its group. For Paris, the final match against Bruges will count for nothing. And that’s not bad in order to preserve strength for the future. And, it will be necessary next February when it comes to grappling with a European giant and with a return match away.

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