PSG: The Paris City Hall releases a new response to Al-Khelaïfi


Recently, the president of PSG Nasser Al-Khelaïfi confirmed his desire to become the owner of the Parc des Princes. Statements that annoy the Paris City Hall while Anne Hidalgo’s first deputy, Emmanuel Grégoire has again responded to the president of the Parisian club in this conflict which is likely to continue.

The tension shows a notch between the Paris City Hall and the management of PSG. Faced with the will of Qatar to buy the Parc des Princes and threatens him with a departure from the capital club, Emmanuel Gregoire expressed himself and reinforced the initial position of the Paris City Hall in this hot file.

The inflexible Town Hall

In an interview given to The Team, Nasser Al-Khelaifi confided that it was out of the question to pay the 350M€ requested by the Parisian municipal council to be able to buy the stadium. The tension is palpable asEmmanuel Gregoire reacted to the words of the Parisian president at the microphone of BFM Ile de France : “We are very much in favor of the extension of the Parc des Princes, it is very clearly an option that we fully support and we want to go as quickly as possible. PSG seem to make the purchase of the Parc des Princes a sine qua none condition for making the upgrade investment..

“I can’t wait, it’s that we can start this major project for PSG and therefore for Paris”

If the climate is hostile, Emmanuel Gregoire hopes to be able to quickly find common ground:We hope to convince him, either to find the conditions to convince the estates and the council of Paris that it is possible, or to work on a emphyteutic lease long enough to amortize the amortization of the shareholder. It remains to be seen under what legal conditions the partnership between the city of Paris and PSG is established through the Parc des Princes. I can’t wait, it’s that we can start this major project for PSG and therefore for Paris.. To be continued…

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