Rami at the UNFP Trophies, the embarrassment spreads


Attended Sunday at the presentation of the UNFP trophy for the best referee in Ligue 1, Adil Rami delivered a number which caused the embarrassment of a good part of the assistance. But not only…

Known for his soccer skills, Adil Rummy has also made a reputation as an ambiancer over the years. And it is perhaps partly for this reason that the organizers of the UNFP Trophies ceremony which took place on Sunday at the Pavillon Gabriel (8th arrondissement of Paris) thought of him to award the prize for “best referee in Ligue 1”. As expected, the defender of theESTAC launched into a small number. But the sequence ended in a rather awkward moment.

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While Adil Rami started lining up sequences of mimes and twerking, the tight smiles of many football stars did not escape the cameras. Moment of silence even at the end of this strange minute when only the former companion of Pamela Andreson found himself laughing in front of his microphone. Much more inspired by the past, Adil Rami missed out on Sunday evening against Ronaldinho, Kylian Mbappé and other Gianluigi Donnarumma.

Between the Joker and Kev Adams

On social networks, circumspection was also total. Some have ironically drawn the parallel between Adil Rami and another comedian: “ Congratulations to Adil Rami who will sit at the very private tackle of Kev Adams and Norman. “Another Internet user drew up an implacable observation: “ Adil Rami has installed a cold and unease throughout the room, it’s too embarrassing. »

A scene from the movie “Joker” in which lead actor Joaquin Phoenix laughs wildly, alone in front of a silent audience, has also been repeated many times. Malaise therefore at all levels.

Not sure that the 2018 world champion will be called upon again next year for such an event. Unless he is working on his repertoire.

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