Ramos’ confessions on the Galtier choice

In an interview with the official channel of Paris Saint-Germain, Sergio Ramos returned to the decision taken by the leaders to appoint Christophe Galtier as coach, instead of Mauricio Pochettino.

Sergio Ramos returns the favor. Very complimentary at a press conference on the form displayed by Sergio Ramos during the summer preparation, Christophe Galtier this time had the right to compliments from the Spanish central defender. As part of an interview given to the official channel of Paris Saint-Germain, on the eve of the trip to Clermont counting for the 1st day of Ligue 1, the former legend of Real Madrid spoke about the appointment to the post coach of Marseille. Landed from the sidelines of Nice, the French coach was chosen by the Parisian staff to ensure the succession of the Argentinian Mauricio Pochettino.

“A coach with a very high technical and tactical level”

Established by the former Lille technician during the Champions Trophy won against FC Nantes (4-0), last Sunday, the 36-year-old player already sees the contribution of the Habs. “When the coach speaks softly, I understand him perfectly (laughs). We all communicate very well together. We talk about the new system we have, about what the coach expects from us. I think he is a coach with a very high technical and tactical level. He managed to win the league with another team in France, so he is an experienced man in football and we have to take advantage of that, to try to project the ideas he has for us on the pitch.

Recruited free during the summer of 2021, the 2010 world champion will have had a difficult first exercise in France, with only 13 appearances in all competitions including 12 Ligue 1 matches, for two goals. With Christophe Galtier at the helm, Sergio Ramos hopes to experience a full season in the colors of the 2022 French champion.

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