Ramos does not return, PSG sends him a message




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    Ramos, unbearable?

    We are still waiting for the defender’s first appearance with PSG.

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    He is long overdue

    The physical problems multiply for the Spaniard.

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    Paris is getting impatient

    Seeing Ramos and Messi in the same eleven is not for now.

PSG sent a message to Sergio Ramos, who still seems a long way from his return to competition.

Sergio Ramos, what’s the problem? The Andalusian defender has not finished talking, while he has not yet played a minute with Paris. His salary, spread over a two-year contract, is exorbitant as he has been injured for several months and should still be absent against Angers and Leipzig. There is even talk of a departure without playing now. But what does PSG think?

Sergio Ramos, is it serious doctor?

According to the Spanish daily El Mundo, the Ile-de-France club is not worried and even gave a reassuring speech to the former Real Madrid captain : “Our real fight really starts later, that’s when we will need you at the top. So you have to be patient and take the time to recover. “It remains to be seen whether the Parisian leaders will not lose patience if Ramos’ convalescence drags on even further …

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