Real Madrid: Ancelotti confirms the presence of Benzema and flies to the aid of Vinicius!



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More fear than harm ! While he wanted to reassure him about his condition after his goal against Liverpool, Karim Benzema will be present tomorrow evening on the Camp Nou lawn for the Clasico as announced by Carlo Ancelotti. The opportunity for the Italian technician to also return to Vinicius, who will once again have to face Ronald Araujo.

About Benzema

“Benzema is fine and will play tomorrow.”

On the Vinicius/Araujo duel

“Vinicius vs Araujo? I’m thinking of putting him on the right. No, just kidding. He’s had more difficulty in the last few games. But it’s still Vinicius. His mobility can help him tomorrow. I’m thinking of putting him on the right. He can play on the right.”

On his future

“It’s an assessment the club has to make, I’ve already said I’ll be fine here all my life, but it’s impossible. I want to continue and I hope it will be like that. What the club decides “It’s not important, because I’m enjoying every day. If the club wants me for three months, then I’ll enjoy three months. If it’s three years, it will be three years.”

On a departure in the event of a white season

“The written rules change…and the unwritten ones too. But I think we’re going to win a title.”

If tomorrow’s game is crucial for the title

“I don’t know, because I just want to win. I only think about winning.”

On Kroos and Modric

“I’m surprised they’re questioned, because they’re the best.”

On the title he aspires to win

“The data shows that we have a disadvantage in La Liga and the Cup, but not in the Champions League.”

On the approach to the match against Barça

“It’s very difficult to know what game we’re going to see, because each game has its story… We’re going to play attacking… You have to see Barça like a lion, not like a cat. If we see it as a cat, it looks like we’re going to a party. And no, we’re going to play against a great team and it’s an important game. In these games, there’s always fear, of course, but that’s normal . It’s fear, nervousness… For me, the two hours before are the worst.”

On the dynamics of his team

“From January 22 until now the team has played very well. We are in a good moment, we are very motivated and excited. The physical data is very good and technically and tactically we have improved a lot. improved, we are better in defence. I think we can do very well.”

About Militao

“I can lose credibility if I say that Vinicius is the best striker in the world and Militão the best defender in the world, but it’s the truth. I’m honest. Militão lacks nothing. The only flaw he has , is that he’s not always 100% focused. And another flaw is that he’s not that good looking (laughs).”

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