Real Madrid: Benzema was almost blocked at the entrance to the stadium, the brilliant anecdote of Ancelotti!



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He returned just in time to be able to watch the victory of his team from the sidelines. Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid coach just recovered from Covid-19, could only appreciate the very good performance of his troops on the lawn of Chelsea. Obviously, at the microphone of Amazon Prime, wanted to remain cautious. “We have the advantage, yes. But the meeting is very open. We respect Chelsea, they are good. There is another game and anything can happen. »

And Carlo Ancelotti then evokes Karim Benzema with a brilliant anecdote. The latter was indeed in difficulty when entering Stamford Bridge “Before the match, Benzema was unable to find his pass to enter the stadium. I told him: ‘Be quick or you won’t be able to play!’. Then luckily Karim found him,” said Ancelotti, totally under the spell of his player. “How to describe Benzema? I have no words (laughs). I would say the Great Karim”

to summarize

Carlo Ancelotti, the coach of Real Madrid, reacted after the capital victory of the Merengue on the lawn of Chelsea! The Italian coach who was just returning to his club after the Covid could only be satisfied with the performance.

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