Real Madrid: the Spanish media shocked and disgusted for Mbappé … The press review


As the Spanish media feared for a few days, Kylian Mbappé finally chose to snub Real Madrid to extend in favor of Paris Saint-Germain. A decision very badly received by the pro-Madrid media, long convinced of the signing of the French international in the Spanish capital.

This Sunday, bitterness, disappointment and anger are felt in the Spanish media the day after the Parisian striker’s contract extension until June 2025. Overall, the local press sees the champion’s decision as a real betrayal and denounce the “auction” of Kylian Mbappé, accused of having preferred money to history and the sports project. “You need a lot of class to play in Madrid”title this Sunday the newspaper brand

which implies that the French striker clearly betrayed Real Madrid by taking such a decision.

Pérez in shock after Mbappé’s message

Mbappé prefers PSG money to Real Madrid legend“, displays the newspaper on its side ace, which also returns to the message visibly sent by the player to Florentino Pérez on Whatsapp to justify this decision. This turnaround occurs “ten days after giving him his word that he would play at Real Madrid”continues the sports daily which also specifies that the Madrid president was flabbergasted when he learned of the final choice of Mbappé.

On the side of the Catalan press, the bitterness is necessarily less flagrant but the overall feeling is the same, namely that the Parisian striker has led Real Madrid and its leaders by boat. “Mbappé doesn’t care about the history of the Bernabeu and Real Madrid in the European Cup. He is not interested in the weight of the jersey (…). Good old Kylian, the only thing he’s had in mind for the two or more years that the soap has been going on is who gives the most”writes the newspaper Sport in its columns.

The doors of Real Madrid definitely closed?

For the Mundo DeportivoReal Madrid “may have closed for life” to the PSG star. The Spanish media do not like the newspaper’s front page either. The Team who according to them is openly mocking Real Madrid and Spain with the title: “France 2-0 Spain”, in reference to Mbappé’s extension to PSG and OL’s victory in the Women’s Champions League final against FC Barcelona (3-1). One thing is certain, this blow falls very badly for Real Madrid a few days before the final of the Champions League final against Liverpool at the Stade de France.

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