Real Madrid: Xavi speaks about Pedri and does not want to see the same match as in the Copa del Rey!



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Xavi is very eager to play the Clasico tomorrow night which could prove decisive in the title race! The Spanish technician was obviously present at the press conference on the eve of this shock and took the opportunity to come back to Pedri’s injury. Words reported by brand.

On his approach to the game

“We will try to be more dominant than in the last Clasico. We will try to be much more protagonists than at the Bernabéu in the Cup. I guess it will be a hard-fought game. The Clásicos are unpredictable. No matter how one or the other happens. We have worked on many aspects over time.”

About Pedri

“He came (to training) very fair. We knew there was a risk. Yesterday he suffered a bit and in these games, if you are not one hundred percent, it is better not to not be there. It’s a pity, but the feelings were not good. I told him that it was not necessary to force. It is not a final. We will see if we are able to dominate the match .I think we are capable of doing it, even without Pedri.”

If there is a favorite

“I think it’s 50/50. Maybe it’s a bit more for us because we’re playing at home.”

On the importance of tomorrow’s game

“Winning would be a very big blow. It wouldn’t be final, but it would be a good blow. There will be points and difficult games to play.”

On his first Clasico at Camp Nou as a coach

“I’m very motivated. I’m a very Barcelona fan, very culé. The Clásicos excite me, they motivate me more. Also, the framework is very good, we have a lead in the standings. We are very excited to show it at home. I’m particularly excited and I’m motivated.”

About Araujo

“He’s very strong physically, fast. He feels the opponent is out of control. He’s a physical marvel, he likes to defend, he’s responsible, a leader. He’s a world-class defender. I would say he’s one of the best in the world and having him in the team is a guarantee. He won the duels with Vinicius, but he’s a player I really like, an extraordinary value that Madrid have.”

If his style is comparable to that of Simeone

“One thing is the result and another is the style. We are not going to change our style. We are never going to be left behind. We are always proactive.”

On the Negreira case

“I don’t want to talk about this topic. I focus on football.”

On the attitude to have tomorrow night

“In the Super Cup we competed perfectly with the ball and in the Cup, not at all. I would like to have more possession, more control with the ball.”

On the pressure

“Here you always have the pressure to win. If anyone has a little more pressure, it’s him. Here there’s always pressure and demand.”

About Raphinha

“I particularly like him. He has a spectacular personality to play in a big team like Barça. He endured the criticism. He has a lot of personality and that does us all good. We have benefited a lot from him, in assists, goals… He makes the difference in his first year and it’s not easy.”

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