Real’s huge pressure on Mbappé!


Feeling the star escaping them, the leaders of Real have told Kylian Mbappé that they will no longer come back to recruit him if he ever turns his back on them.

Kylian Mbappé is about to make the announcement that everyone is waiting for, the one concerning the club where he will play next season. For a long time, the trend was for a signing in favor of Real Madrid, but for a few hours the situation has changed significantly. The Bondynois would now be closer to extending with PSG.

Real goes all out for Mbappé

On the side of the Spanish capital, the enthusiasm gave way to enormous concern. The socios begin to lose hope, while the leaders are no longer sure of their shots. According to a revelation from brand, the merengue camp has had no news from the Mbappé clan for a few days. And this is what makes them fear an unfavorable outcome of this soap opera.

The media ESPN indicates, for his part, that in a desperate attempt to make the international tricolor change his mind again, Merengue officials reportedly sought to put pressure on the latter. They let him know that if he refused to join them this year, he never would. The door of the Casa Blanca will definitely be turned to him. Not sure that this ploy will have the desired effect, and it’s not sure either that they’ll keep their word if they ever come to apply it.

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