The confidences of Juan Bernat


After a rupture of the cruciate ligaments which kept him away from the field for a very long time, Juan Bernat returned to tell Canal + about this period.

Juan Bernat has made his return to competition, he who had to be absent for more than a year (13 months) due to a rupture of the cruciate ligaments. The Spanish side then confided in Canal +, on the difficulties and torments encountered until its recovery.

“Five days after my first operation, I contracted an infection. I had to have the operation again, spend five days in the hospital. The doctors gave me a recovery program to follow, which I followed with the help of the club’s physical trainers. But when I was able to resume, I felt that there was a problem with my knee. I was not comfortable, I was in pain. And it turned out that I had arthrofibrosis in my knee. So I underwent yet another operation and that’s what complicated my return “.

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“You are starting to be afraid”

More than the injury itself, the former Bavarian has gone through great moments of doubt on which he also expresses himself. “What if at some point I lost hope of returning to my best level?” It’s something that crosses your mind. Many times I thought to come back, but my knee wouldn’t allow it. “

“So of course you’re starting to get scared, but I experienced this when I was hurt before. You start to tell yourself that you’ll never be the same again. But in the end, your body gets used to it and regains its shape. I think it’s all a matter of time and work ”.

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