The Cristiano Ronaldo case divides the world of football


This is the image that has been making the rounds of Europe since last night. 90th minute of the match between Manchester United and Tottenham, Cristiano Ronaldo heads for the locker room at Old Trafford, annoyed at not having been thrown into the game by his coach Erik ten Hag. What almost eclipse the great victory of the Red Devils against the Spurs, at the end of an exciting and controlled match. On the edge of the lawn, last night, there were two French people used to not mince words, Thierry Henry and Patrice Evra.

And inevitably, they were questioned on the subject Cristiano Ronaldo by the journalist who officiated at the microphone. For a very laconic result. “It’s a job that Erik ten Hag has to do. But there was a game, a great game, the debate shouldn’t be about Ronaldo leaving the pitch.”thus evacuated Thierry Henry, much sharper a few minutes later to criticize the decision-making of Marcus Rashford on an action.

Former CR7 teammate in Manchester, Patrice Evra also evaded the question. ” Everyone is different. I want to stick to United’s performance, not protect Cristiano Ronaldo. Maybe he needed treatment? I don’t want to find an excuse. We have to stop talking about Ronaldo every day. » We have known Evra more vigorous in his speeches…

Very different opinions

This is also the benefit of very great players, to keep the support of a part of the public even when one is not free from any reproach on the attitude. Rio Ferdinand, friend of Cristiano Ronaldo, also defended him on his Youtube channel. “My only thought is that Cristiano has been saved for the game against Chelsea. That’s the only way to look at it, logically. He didn’t play today and I think Ronaldo was absolutely furious about that. I wouldn’t expect anything different from him. »

Other consultants have more offensive opinions about Cristiano Ronaldo, even if their CV is less impressive than those quoted above. This is the case of Lee Hendrie, a former Sheffield United or Aston Villa player, who described CR7’s attitude as “incredible lack of respect” towards the Mancunian club. Danny Mills did not say anything else on the microphone of Skysports.

“If Ronaldo did this, it’s an absolute disgrace. It’s disrespectful to the team, the manager, the fans. They win 2-0, how can he complain? If they lost 2-0 it wouldn’t always be fair, but I would kind of understand that. He clearly thinks he’s bigger than the club… It’s a selfish act after not being involved in the game”. You be the judge.

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