The dry answer of Jean-Michel Aulas to Molina

Jean-Michel Aulas, the president of OL, responded to the criticisms made recently by the author Romain Molina.

In an incendiary video published a week ago, Romain Molina strongly decried OL’s sports policy and also the management of Jean-Michel Aulas. The famous author was very critical of Rhone officials, pointing out all the mistakes that have been made on their part in recent years. He also made them bear the responsibility for the spectacular decline of Les Gones.

Aulas defends its balance sheet

Aulas got wind of his words. And he didn’t hesitate to answer. Without naming his accuser, the Lyon president let it be known that he had nothing to reproach himself for and that he has no lessons to learn from anyone. “With social networks, things are said that are not acceptable. Why for 25 years we would have managed to be at the top and now we would have suddenly become stupid? “, he dropped to start. “We must not accentuate the difficulties. I am sad to hear a number of things. I hear erroneous things about Vincent and Bruno, agents with whom they would work…”, he added.

JMA then indicated that he took responsibility for everything he did and that To take stock, it was not necessary to dwell only on the last few years. “10 years without a trophy for men? Yes it is long. Would you have done differently? I find the question posed very disagreeable. Football is an extremely difficult science. We won just over 50 titles between boys and girls,” he recalled.

Aulas is not the only one to be targeted by critics. It is the same for Vincent Ponsot and Bruno Cheyrou. The Lyon cacique assured that he continued to blindly trust this pair: “A restructuring of the sports center? I am accompanied by competent people. It is not the sports field that is in question. It takes a while to straighten things out. “Who better than myself can know what to do to find the top level? OL are 10th? Yes, at time T, it is a crossing point. »

Aulas highlights Juninho’s mistakes

Finally, Aulas concluded by saying that all the ills of OL should not be blamed on the current management. He took the opportunity in particular to address yet another tackle to his former sports director, Juninho. “My ambition is to put the boat back in perspective. We are getting there. I made mistakes. If we look in detail, we will see that I was well supported (…) Over a 3-year cycle, we will already replace those (among the players, editor’s note) who do not have this fighting spirit. I didn’t hire them, I took a step back 3 years ago. Yes I am getting back to business a bit. »

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