the elimination of La Roja, the suspension of Lewandowski, the competition in defense… Eric Garcia confides!



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Present with Spain to compete in the World Cup in Qatar, Eric Garcia will not have played a single minute during the competition. Back in training with FC Barcelona, ​​the central defender is not an indisputable starter this season with the Catalan club (9 games in La Liga and 4 in the Champions League since the start of the season). In an interview with Spanish media rims, Eric Garcia spoke for 30 minutes about Barça news. The opportunity for him also to come back to the elimination of La Roja in the round of 16 of the World Cup (comments relayed by the Barça Universal Twitter account).

On Spain’s early exit

“We would have liked to go further in the World Cup, but on the other hand there is the positive side, we spent more time with the family. I haven’t spent so much time with the family since the pandemic, because I lived in Manchester.”

On his playing time at the World Cup

“Disappointed not to have played the World Cup? We are privileged just to have been called up. I wanted to play, it’s normal. But I always respect the decisions of the coach, the coach is always on top and he knows what’s best for the team.”

On the disappointment around the Roja route

“We won the first game of the World Cup 7-0, and they always say the first game is the hardest. We didn’t create a lot of expectations, we just had a lot of confidence because we believed in Luis Enrique and what we were doing… In the end, it was a blow.”

On Lewandowski’s suspension

“It’s a shame because he’s a very important player. But I’m not too worried, there are a lot of good players who can play in his position and I’m sure this player will do his best. Nevertheless, “I don’t understand Lewandowski’s 3-match suspension. I don’t know what happened. Lewandowski told us he didn’t tell the referee. It’s a bit strange…”

On Pique’s retirement

“We miss Pique a lot in the dressing room. He’s a different player, a different person. He has a special way of communicating. Three minutes before the game he makes jokes, then he gets serious and plays a great game. C “He’s the only player I’ve ever seen do that. Pique was a very smart player. He saw things a second before everyone else. He didn’t suffer during games because he was always well placed and he read the movements of the opponent very well.”

On the arrivals of Christensen and Koundé this summer

“I took it as a challenge. I know my abilities and what I can offer. These signings made me grow. At Man City I also had a lot of competition. I have to work a lot harder to grasp the opportunities. That’s good.”

On Bernardo Silva

“Whenever I was asked who the best player at Man City was, I always said Bernardo. He’s a versatile and sensational player.”

On Leo Messi

“He’s the best player I’ve seen play.”

to summarize

In an interview with the Spanish media Jijantes, Eric Garcia spoke for 30 minutes about Barça news. The opportunity for him also to come back to the elimination of La Roja in the round of 16 of the World Cup.

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