The firm focus of Christophe Galtier on the new discipline at PSG

Paris Saint-Germain has indeed entered a new era. As President Nasser Al-Khelaïfi announced, glitter is over. In addition to a change of strategy operated on the transfer window, with a recruitment less targeted on stars, this implies in particular a very different framework imposed by the new Parisian management, with Luis Campos, football adviser of NAK, in mind. In recent days, we have learned in particular that the players are now invited to go to the training center to have their breakfast and lunch together, as a team. Several corridor noises also reported a much stricter discipline concerning drastic rules of life internally.

Asked by The Parisian this Friday, Christophe Galtier wanted to make things clear on this subject. “I’m going to come back to the bonds because everything I hear annoys me a littleinitially dropped the French coach, before continuing. Me, at the level of the group, I speak only in French. That doesn’t prevent me from asking my staff to translate certain things to avoid misunderstandings. But there is no obligation to speak French in the locker room. There are Argentinians, Portuguese, Spaniards… Why would they speak to each other in French? I worked abroad. When I met a francophone, I spoke French to him. These obligations are pure fantasy! »

Galtier puts the new regulations into perspective

And the Paris SG coach to continue. “I also heard that I forbid telephones at the table. It’s wrong ! I just ask them to cut the bells and not answer at the table. But I don’t forbid them to watch a live football match anyway or to receive an urgent call. In this case, they make a sign and isolate themselves, there is no problem. » If Christophe Galtier confirmed the rules concerning lunches at Camp des Loges, he also wanted to point out that the players were not in prison with him either.

“But there is no policeman to watch their every coming and going. (Thinks) It’s just normal. We spend a lot of time together, in hotels or at the Camp des Loges, you just have to establish certain principles for it to be pleasant. Same for schedules: everyone has to be on time otherwise it creates incidents that may annoy. For the respect of people who are on time, I am on time, that’s the basis. » The speech is clear, the players are warned. This is good, for Galtier, it is not possible to have a great season “if you are not dependent on a framework defined by the sports management, by the coach but also validated by the players. » The conditions seem to be in place to achieve something big at PSG this year.

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