The first quack for Amazon


The new Ligue 1 broadcaster has been facing a big problem since the start of the current season.

After replacing Médiapro, Amazon is making a rather remarkable entry into the world of football and broadcasting in France. But, all is not going so well for the e-commerce giant for this first experience in France. We thus learn from L’Equipe Magazine that those responsible for the channel have great difficulty in welcoming prestigious guests for their flagship program., Sunday evening Football.

Amazon Prime less popular than Téléfoot?

This program, which looks like a Canal Football Club but shorter, has so far only hosted one notable L1 character, in this case Christophe Galtier. The various coaches or actors who were asked to go to Paris to bring their expertise to the air have all declined. Marina Lorenzo, the presenter, therefore finds herself alone with her consultants. And the contrast is striking with what she experienced within the Téléfoot channel of Médiapro.

The other problem facing Amazon Prime is the lack of a pair of commentators who would embody the channel. By dint of changing the combinations, no pair stands out, even if there are many competent journalists within this group. We would also regret that the matches where Thierry Henry intervenes are much more followed than the others. The former French international is certainly very popular but there is an audience imbalance that Amazon officials would like to be able to fill quickly.

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