the incredible exit of the CEO of Atlético, who denounces a “pro-Real” arbitration system!


On Thursday night, Atlético Madrid again came close to victory against Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey as the Colchoneros led a goal to nil until the 80th minute. But Rodrygo went through it and allowed the Merengue to come back into the game, they who finally won three goals to one in extra time, well helped by the expulsion of Stefan Savic.

Gil Marin denounces a “pro-Real” arbitration!

However on the side of the Rojiblancos, it was difficult to accept a potential red card not distributed to Dani Ceballos, guilty of a fault in the 71st minute which could (should?) have earned him a second yellow card. One thing is certain, on the side of Miguel Angel Gil Marin, CEO of Atlético, the pill had a hard time passing:

“I have the greatest respect for the refereeing team and I am convinced that their intention is always the best, but anyone who watches it from the outside can see that for decades the same thing has almost happened. still produced. Unfortunately, no one is surprised anymore, it’s not news. It’s something very obvious and you just have to remember the story. (Real) Madrid is a club with a very strong environment, with many interests around them They create such pressure that it is normal for it to affect the people who have to make decisions They are aware of what awaits them if they hurt them by a mistake or even a success. Campaigning against those they see as doing them harm is common,” he said. on the club’s official website.

He then continued:

“The system is like this and we can’t change it alone. We have to compete as much as we can and keep working to have a stronger and fairer sector with all the clubs. This stadium and the color of this shirt don’t should have weight when it comes to making fair decisions. Our players suffered the consequences of all this pressure yesterday (Thursday evening, editor’s note) on the pitch and it outrages me like any fan, whatever the team, which expects there to be a single stallion. The second yellow card yesterday (Thursday evening, editor’s note) was obvious, indisputable, adjusted to the regulations. But with 0-1, in the 71st minute, playing a place in the Cup semi-finals in this stadium, leaving Real Madrid with 10 players is impossible. We have become accustomed to the system. We read pages and pages in the press, hours of radio and television in the days leading up to a derby talking about the need to protect a certain player from a team pe specific. Honestly Griezmann or Morata weren’t protected for example, they were kicked the whole game, but that’s the system.”

Finally, he concluded by indicating that he was not looking for excuses:

“I almost never speak, because they quickly accuse you of being a victim, but anyone who really knows Atlético de Madrid’s DNA knows that we don’t like to apologize. So that no one doubts: we are responsible for the poor results of the team, which did not go beyond the group stage of the Champions League and which is 7 points behind third place in La Liga. remaining championship to finish the season as high as possible. No excuses, but you have to be aware of how the system works.”

An exit that is likely to make a lot of noise. It remains to be seen whether Real will react!

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