the LFP opposes a World Cup every two years


The Professional Football League has given its opinion on the possibility of a World Cup organized every two years, instead of four.

FIFA illustration

In a statement posted on its website on Wednesday, the LFP said no to the project launched by former Arsenal coach Arsène Wenger. “Meeting this October 13, the Board of Directors of the LFP adopted a motion to oppose the proposed organization of the FIFA World Cup every two years. Without prior consultation, FIFA wants to take a decision that is in its sole interest and the impact of which is irreparably negative for domestic championships and clubs as employers of players. This project would also provide for the lengthening of international periods which would greatly disrupt the series of domestic championships and cause the supporters to lose interest. The development of football does not pass only through the World Cup but also and above all rests on the domestic championships. As such, it would be preferable for FIFA to promote the development of professional leagues where there are none, as well as local championships. The World Cup is a world heritage that must be preserved and not trivialized. “

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