the new financial fair play is adopted


UEFA has announced the validation of the new financial fair play. The body detailed the rules that will be put in place in June. They aim in particular to control the payroll of clubs.

On its official website, UEFA has formalized the arrival of the new financial fair play. Its rules were approved by its executive committee in Nyon. The new formula of the FPF leaves greater freedom with regard to deficits: the clubs will be able to afford an imbalance of 60 million euros over three years, against 30 million until then. But the bridle is on the other hand tightened with regard to the wage bill: “The biggest innovation of the new regulations will be the introduction of a team cost rule to bring better cost control with regards to player salaries and transfer costs. The regulations limit spending on salaries, transfers and agent fees to 70% of the club’s income. Assessments will be carried out in a timely manner and breaches will lead to financial penalties and predefined sporting measures”explains the instance.

Measures have also been taken to monitor “the fair value of transactions, the improvement of club balance sheets and the reduction of indebtedness”. Some heavily indebted clubs may therefore have to change their lifestyle in the coming months. The new regulations will take effect in June 2022, with gradual application.

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