the new pair of Future NJR Rare for Neymar in limited edition

PUMA has launched a new colorway for its Future NJR Rare pair dedicated to Neymar Jr, the PSG striker, in limited edition.

New toys for Neymar Jr. Equipment supplier to the Brazilian striker of PSG, PUMA has unveiled a new model of its Future, namely the 1.4 NJR Rare of the same name. In its press release, the German brand mentions a “Bold statement, with a color inspired by rare metals and with all the space-age PUMA technology to back it up. »

A silvery gray

Predominantly gray (Silver, Platinum Grey), this pair stands out for the difference in color between each shoe. The right is made up of red laces, with a PUMA logo of the same color, while on the left side, the feline brand has opted for blue following the same pattern.

PUMA cleats: the new pair of Future NJR Rare for Neymar in limited edition

“More adaptable and comfortable than ever, the FUTURE stands for innovation and pushes the boundaries of technology for gamers who adapt the game to their vision and skills. With the FUTURE, you no longer need to tie your shoes to be comfortable. Second-generation FUZIONFIT+ technology adapts to the shape of your foot to give you the perfect balance of support and flexibility in each key area, ensuring optimal fit and performance, with or without laces.”recalls PUMA, which likes to recall being the only equipment manufacturer to enjoy such technology.

Comfort and sensations at the rendezvous

The ideal balance between compression, comfort and resistance is made possible thanks to the FUZIONFIT+ mesh, which offers its user the feeling of benefiting from a second skin at the level of the feet. As for the technical aspect, the Advanced Creator Zones, “designed to improve grip on the ball and bring flexibility to the forefoot, essential for optimum control and touch, when dribbling, passing and finishing”, bring a real plus to this pair. The adherent texture is a valuable aid to better control the leather.

PUMA cleats: the new pair of Future NJR Rare for Neymar in limited edition

The Brazilian star, Neymar, should wear this new pair of cleats this Tuesday (9 p.m.), when receiving Maccabi Haifa in the Champions League (5th day of the group stage).

This pair of PUMA is already available on FOOT.FR, official football supplier.

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