the Niang clan strikes back!


Dismissed from the crucial match for the maintenance against Lorient this Saturday following a stormy training session the day before, Mbaye Niang responded to the controversy in the columns of The Team.

Suspected by his leaders of having faked an injury, the striker sent the sports newspaper an ultrasound of his left thigh dating from Thursday and stating “a small grade 1 M intrinsic muscle lesion of the peripheral portion of the left semitendinosus“. The Senegalese international explains that his leaders would have asked him to grit his teeth and take part in this decisive match for the survival of the club in Ligue 1 despite his injury.

The climate had been tense since the start of the week between the former Rennais and the management of the Girondins. While the hour is serious and the red lantern club of the championship and almost condemned, the Lion of Teranga had the bad idea to be caught with several teammates taking part in a five-a-side football, Monday, day of rest the day after the rout in Angers (4-1).

Then, on Friday, an altercation broke out with technical director Admar Lopes. The media explains that the leader would have blamed the players “not to be on the level“Following this controversy. Niang would then have replied without taking tweezers by affirming that this is also the case of the leaders… “It is a collective shipwreck. At this time of the season, it is not the objective to target an individual player. The discussion that Mbaye had with management was precisely about the fact that the problem was collective and not individual, and not targeted at certain people.“, highlighted the representative of the striker, Badou Sambagué. More in control of their destiny and outstripped by 4 points by the barrage, Saint-Etienne, Bordeaux risks being relegated in the evening. For the first time in 31 years. And in a gloomy climate…

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