the objectives set by McCourt in Longoria revealed!


Appointed president of Olympique de Marseille in February 2021, Pablo Longoria is doing a job that is often praised. But the Spaniard must obviously be accountable to the owner of the Marseille club, Frank McCourt.

This Saturday, The Team says more about how the businessman works. The media explains in particular that the American, rarely present in France, made the choice to leave the “full powersin Longoria by trusting his expertise and opting for a fairly detached management, which means that the two men do not necessarily have daily contact. This role falls to Pedro Iriondo, Longoria’s right-hand man, who regularly exchanges with the staff of McCourt Global.

In parallel with this autonomy, Longoria must however achieve objectives. The sports daily explains that there are two of them. One is sporting: qualifying for the Champions League; the other is financial and concerns the sale of players, without the expected amount having clearly leaked. If the first objective is about to be achieved this season with a 2and place in Ligue 1 two days from the end, however the Spaniard will have to do better in terms of sales and avoid failures such as the free departures of Florian Thauvin last year and Boubacar Kamara this summer.

2024, the key for McCourt

While OM finds himself confronted with chronic deficits, the media also specifies that McCourt expects a return to a balanced budget by 2024. This date is anything but a coincidence since it corresponds to the entry into force of the new the Champions League, which will see the extension from 32 to 36 participating clubs, including a 3and French club qualified automatically, against 2 currently.

According to the specialized site The Phocaean, McCourt’s objective is clearly for OM to be able to compete regularly in the C1 at that time in order to generate more income and justify the more than 400 million euros invested since his arrival at La Canebière in 2016. Otherwise, it could be that the billionaire is starting to slow down in terms of spending. But, for the time being, the manager intends to do his utmost to allow OM to regain its former glory, as evidenced by the systematically published denials about sales rumours.

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