The tackle to Domenech, the day he almost slammed everything, his headbutt … The other crisp anecdotes of Zinedine Zidane!


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On his 50th birthday, Zinédine Zidane gave an exceptional interview to L’Equipe, where his most commented speeches are obviously those relating to current events:

But Zinédine Zidane also delivered other tasty anecdotes by looking back on his long career. Jumbled up, the way his transfer to Real Madrid was negotiated, his headbutt to Marco Materrazzi, his goal against Leverkusen, his debut in the Blues or even the day he almost dropped everything… before return under the orders of Raymond Domenech. Selected pieces.

A transfer to Real Madrid decided on a napkin

“It was in Monaco. The first time we saw each other, it was all there. There was no second or third date to make things happen. The first was good. We said OK. Florentino Pérez is a man who does not joke. When he says, “We’re going to do it”, he does it. I even have an anecdote that still makes me laugh today. We were at a large table in Monaco for a gala dinner. We weren’t next to each other. I was invited to receive an award. There, he hands me a towel. It was written inside: “Do you want to come?” And I answered him on a piece of paper towel: “Yes”. I still wonder why I answered him in English! I could have put “yes”, since he speaks French, or “si” in Spanish, but I put “yes”… It went from there. I did five years. That’s my number. He follows me. »

Roberto Carlos’ rotten cross against Leverkusen

“He starts from a cross from Roberto Carlos which is… rotten! But on arrival, its center becomes magnificent. We talked about it many times together. Everyone teased him: “What a rotten candle you made!” He replied with a laugh: “It’s the most beautiful center of my life! Look at the result: if I hadn’t given you this pass, you wouldn’t have scored this exceptional goal. He is right. »

His first meeting in Blue

Zinedine Zidane

Zinedine ZidanePhoto credit – Icon Sport

“I arrive at the rally. There is a meeting only between the players before lunch. I didn’t go… They call me in the room: “What are you doing?” I answer: “I have just arrived. This meeting is not for me.” I finally got off. I said sorry and all the guys applauded me! »

The jersey offered by his idol Enzo Francescoli

“I returned to Turin. We washed it. Then I slept with it! Next to my wife who thought I was crazy. The jersey with the advertisements. I had to realize my childhood dream. Until the end. My eldest son is called Enzo. It was really big, strong. And that’s why I understand people who identify with themselves, who want to do, to succeed, vis-à-vis their examples, their idols. »

The day he almost slammed everything

“In 2004, I was on the verge of stopping everything. All. At 32 years old. But it only lasted a second in my head. At the first international break. I leave during the few days of break with my wife and my children on vacation. I take advantage of them. It’s great. But I come back and my first thing is to say to myself: I’m missing something. »

On his return to Blue and Domenech

Zinedine Zidane

Zinedine ZidanePhoto credit – Icon Sport

” He came to see me. OK. But it was my desire to come back that made me come back! Point. We had taken the keys. 100 %. We were among ourselves, every day before a match. We had found a place for us. It was exceptional. We brought in merguez from Berlin because they were said to be the best! Magnificent moments, for four hours at the table. There was a real cohesion. It was in a little lost inn, a few kilometers from our hotel. A fabulous atmosphere. »

His headbutt on Materazzi

“That day, my mum was very tired. I have my sister on the phone several times during the day. I know my mum isn’t well but it’s not a big deal either. It concerns me nonetheless. I still stay focused. But these are things that jostle each other. The pressure, this, that. He (Materazzi), he doesn’t talk to me about my mother. He often said he didn’t insult my mother. It’s true. But he insulted my sister, who was with my mom at the time. On a field, there have already been insults. Everyone talks to each other, sometimes badly, but you do nothing. There, that day, what happened happened. He triggered something by talking about my sister Lila. The space of a second, and it’s gone…”

to summarize

Zinedine Zidane, the former coach of Real Madrid and legend of the France team, confided in the team with many anecdotes. In addition to PSG, the Benzema case and a future in the France team, Zizou mentioned other subjects.

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