the unifying speech of Captain Marquinhos


In an interview with PSGTV, the Paris Saint-Germain captain announced his ambitions for this exciting season.

All lights are on for Paris Saint-Germain after an almost perfect start to the season from an accounting standpoint. Serene leader of Ligue 1 with a full card (8 wins in 8 games), the capital club has just offered a prestigious victory against Manchester City which puts it on the right track in the European Cup. A success which heralds a fairly mild fall for a team now well in its grip.

We have the feeling of being better and better, explained Marquinhos in an interview transcribed on the official website of the PSG. The first matches, we could have been in difficulty but there was really a lack of rhythm. And even if you train hard and give it your all in training… Matches are something other than intensity. So there, we necessarily feel that we really pick up the pace with the matches that follow one another. “

“The group spirit has led us higher and higher”

Listening to the PSG captain, the lesson of last season has been learned. Paris has avoided an ignition delay which had cost it dear a few months ago. “When you are a competitor, you have to get in shape right away to win again. At the start of the season, we said to ourselves that this year, we shouldn’t make the same mistakes as last year because we finished second because of a small point. And that’s the kind of point you have to pull off at the start of the season, even if the game is difficult. We have to tell ourselves that if we manage to win it, it will make a big difference at the end of the season.

“I am an optimist. I always try to be positive, even in difficulty, and I try to look for the positive points, But it’s true that there are always constructive things to be learned from this kind of situation ”, continued Marquinhos about the points snatched at the end of the game. A virtue, “group spirit”, which the Brazilian international has been cultivating for two years. ” I think that’s what has taken us higher and higher in the competitions we have played. And I think we will need time, work, solidarity and humility. Also find this cohesion and these automatisms on the field so that we can see all our players shine and do their best on the field, so that one gets along perfectly with the other. Little by little, these automatisms will improve, and I hope that we will be able to do good things this season. New element of response from this Sunday, in Rennes, at dessert time (1pm).

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