“Too complicated for the players”


A former OM player strongly criticized the current coach of the Marseille team.

As OM prepare to play a crucial match against Rennes in the league and which could lead to qualification for the next Champions League, a former player of this formation took the liberty of criticizing the coach in place, Jorge Sampaoli.

It is Edouard Cissé, member of the last Marseille team champion of France, who allowed himself to judge the Argentine coach. And his evaluation is not really flattering for the latter. “At first, without knowing him, I said to myself: He is a coach who can work in the Marseille environment, he is boiling. He is passionate, passionate but he is messy. I have a lot of trouble understanding him in his team compositions, in the animation of his game. I find that it’s too complicated for the players, ”he confided to Provence.

“Fortunately Guendouzi has two hearts and 50 lungs”

OM have not done so badly since the former Albiceleste coach took over. Cissé believes, however, that the credit goes mainly to his troops, irreproachable in the commitment. “They are doing well because there is madness, passion and good players who bring their technique back. But it lacks structure. Personally, after ten months, I still have trouble knowing how OM are playing. It is absurd”.

Former midfielder Cissé concluded by confiding that he doesn’t know at all how this team operates tactically: “I don’t understand Valentin Rongier’s role, even if he does. You have to have done maths sup, maths spé (smile). It’s the same for Boubacar Kamara. When is he in the middle? When does it come back down? There are some rather surprising things. Luckily Mattéo Guendouzi has two hearts and fifty lungs… But, to develop, players need to settle down in a position and know what they have to do. I always have the impression that we are in instinct, in improvisation ”.

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