Top 10 Most Followed Football Clubs On Instagram 2022

There is a specific reason behind creating this article of the top 10 football clubs with the most Instagram followers in 2021. What is that? Well! Instagram has been a centralized hub for fans to get important updates about their favorite players and clubs.

Also, it has been one of the best marketing ways for clubs and teams to generate greater revenue. Having more Instagram followers simply reflects how strong the fan base of the club is.

In the article, we have listed the top 10 clubs in this world that have the largest fan base among all. Starting from rank 10 we will go to rank 1 that has the most number of followers on such a big social media platform as Instagram.

10. Arsenal

20.1 Million Followers


Making its name at the 10th rank on our list of the top 10 football clubs with the most Instagram followers, Arsenal has 20.1 million original fans around the world.

It is a well-reputed football club based in Islington, London, England. The team of Arsenal has been competing in the Premier League for decades and is considered among the toughest competitors of the league.

On Instagram, Arsenal keeps itself quite active by posting great content on a regular basis. When you visit the official profile page of Arsenal, you see different highlights created for different players playing for the game.

This reflects that the team is strongly focusing on its players whether it is on the ground or off the ground.

Top 10 Most Followed Football Clubs On Instagram

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