Total agreement between Barca and Eric García

According to ‘Sport’, Barcelona now has an agreement with Eric García to sign him as a free agent in June. However, Barça will try to bring its signature forward to January.

Eric García will be a Barcelona player. The question is when “Sport” published on its cover that Barça had reached an agreement with the player for his signature as free agent.

Let’s remember that the contract of the center back ends on June 30, so Barça has started to negotiate with Eric and his agent to make sure they get a yes from January 1st.

The club can technically announce it now, although the agreement cannot be approved before the elections of January 25th . The Board of Directors does not have the authority to do this, so we have to wait for the new president.

However, the aforementioned media say that Barça’s wish is to bring forward its arrival in January. The terms of Eric García’s contract have been agreed, but if they do so, they will also have to convince Manchester City.

Barça already tried to recruit the 19-year-old defender this summer, but Manchester City rejected the 10 million euros he offered. Three months later, and aware that in six months he will go for free, Barça thinks they are in a better position to depreciate his exit.

The Barça is aware that its defensive situation is dramatic and the signature of Eric García seems essential to cover the serious injury of Gerard Piqué . It remains to be seen what financial capacity the club has to conclude the agreement.

If this happens, it will have to be the same from January 24th. Then there will be a margin of only one week for City to let the player go. Bartomeu was not able to do this this summer and this task will fall to the next president of FC Barcelona.

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