Transfers – PSG: Internal clash due to a transfer window failure?


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PSG: Clash internally because of a transfer window failure?

Posted on September 23, 2022 at 03:15 by Guillaume de Saint Sauveur

Despite the signs of interest he received during the summer transfer window, Keylor Navas therefore remained at PSG in a role of luxury understudy, behind Gianluigi Donnarumma. And it would seem that the tensions are still very present around the Costa Rican goalkeeper… Explanations.

Courted by Naples who seemed willing to dislodge him from PSG to offer him a starting position, Keylor Navas (35 years old) finally announced in the last hours of the transfer window summer that he would not move from the Parc des Princes. And in accordance with the announcements of Christophe Galtier on his arrival at PSGthe former guardian of real Madrid is therefore content with a role of understudy behind Gianluigi Donnarumma.

Tensions among goalkeepers at PSG

THE TEAM announces Thursday in its columns that this aborted transfer of Keylor Navas during the transfer window estival continues to crystallize tensions internally, without providing further details. But the message sent is clear: the situation seems to be deteriorating between Navas and Donnarumma.

Campos tried to calm the fire

However, at the microphone of RMC Sport last week, Luis Campos had tried to extinguish the controversy around the guards at PSG : “ It’s a difficult decision but the coach made it. Evil or good, it’s his decision and you have to respect it. We had with the agreement of Navas the opportunity to rectify an overlapping of positions. And I have to say Donnarumma is a great keeper but Navas is also a top keeper “, confided the sports adviser of the PSG. But that does not avoid the clash.

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