Transfers – Real Madrid: A disaster is confirmed for Hazard on the transfer window


An emblematic figure of Belgian football for many years, Eden Hazard joined Real Madrid in 2019 after a superb experience at Chelsea. But he never managed to find his place and his best level in Spain, so much so that he plays very little. And the early elimination of his selection in the group stage of the World Cup will not help his case, he who counted a lot on this competition to bounce back.

After a magnificent start to his career which saw him rise through the ranks over the years, Eden Hazard changed his status before his arrival at the real Madrid. But upon his arrival in Spain, the Belgian was never able to find his level, and ended up diving. This season, for example, he has only played six matches since the start of the season with his club. And precisely, the hopes placed in him flew away, to such an extent that the real Madrid no longer rely on him.

A wasted opportunity to bounce back

Well aware of his difficult situation in real Madrid, Eden Hazard counted on this world Cup to shine and restore his image as a player of little use in the club. The 31-year-old winger didn’t keep his bet and failed to turn things around to save the Belgium a very frustrating early elimination, resulting in a very difficult internal situation.

Real don’t want it anymore

According Jesus Gallegojournalist for acethe situation ofEden Hazard very worried about real Madridwho no longer counts on him at all. “After being enthusiastic a few times for his recovery, the club no longer thinks the player will look like he was, he is abandoned as lost” did he declare. Suffice to say that the Belgian should not find a lot of playing time on his return …

A very dark future

If he was counting on the World Cup to bounce back and rise in the esteem of his leaders, Eden Hazard should have a lot of difficulty finding playing time at such a prestigious club. The 31-year-old could even end his international career, according to the Belgian press. According acethe real Madrid knows very well thathazard has little value in the transfer window and the club could wait until 2024 to see him leave.

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