two likes on Twitter, Neymar sets the locker room on fire


Neymar had a great performance with PSG against Montpellier (5-2) on Saturday evening. His match was hailed by the public at the Parc des Princes. The Brazilian, however, broke the mood on social networks, a little later.

On Saturday evening, Neymar produced a high-flying performance against MHSC. Author of a double and a decisive pass, the striker flew over the match and largely weighed on his result. The Team credits him with his best evaluation, in his edition of the day: the Brazilian obtained an 8, against the score of 6 for his partners Kylian Mbappé and Lionel Messi.

Neymar sets fire to Twitter

Three wins in three games, 14 goals scored, everything could be fine in the PSG locker room. Except that coach Christophe Galtier will a priori have to manage some annoyances. On Twitter, Neymar liked two publications, later in the evening. They concerned the penalty missed by Kylian Mbappé: “Today in the PSG game, Neymar scored and HUMILIATED the goalkeeper (again) from the penalty spot. Mbappé, on the other hand, hit VERY badly and lost. After the game, the coach declared Mbappé to be the team’s main hitter for the season. An absurdity! », said the first. And the second: “Now it’s official, it’s Mbappé who takes the penalties at PSG. Clearly it’s a matter of contract, because in no club in the world that has Neymar, he would be the second collector, none!! It seems that because of the contract, Mbappé is the owner of PSG! »

Neymar considers a priori unfair Christophe Galtier’s decision to appoint Kylian Mbappé as penalty taker. And these two likes should not improve the mood of the French striker, who seemed upset all week at Camp des Loges. PSG training promises to be lively in the coming days, and the Parisian coach will have to manage his first mini-crisis in the locker room. His way of reacting will perhaps depend on the climate that will reign in his group during the whole season…

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