Vahid Halilhodžić balances on the direction

Present in the columns of SoFoot for an interview granted to the French media, Vahid Halilhodžić returned to the period during which he trained FC Nantes. And for the Bosnian, being at the head of the Canaries is not an easy mission. *“It’s a little bit special, yes. When I arrived in Nantes, the team was 19th. I found players in a terrible state. At the end of the season, things were better, but players had to be sold and new ones found.

I offered them 55 players, they didn’t take a single one. Players wanted to come and play for me, because they knew me. But when I told “son” (Franck Kita) that he was getting a salary of 100,000, he offered 25,000. The player told me he didn’t understand. That’s not how you negotiate! If he asks for 100,000, you offer 70,000 and we agree around 85,000. I couldn’t accept what was happening in Nantes. Mogi Bayat said to me: “This player, he is good”, I answered: “It is me who decides if he is good! “Ah, that one…”*, he says of his leaders. Vibe.

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