Vincent Ponsot justifies the management of Mohamed El Arouch


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During the transfer window, the case of Mohamed El Arouch caused a lot of talk. The young 18-year-old midfielder considered the biggest hope of OL’s academy has still not had a chance as a professional. While he has been walking with the reserve since the start of the season, he has not even had the chance to train with the pro group. So much so that he was announced on departure a few weeks ago.

At a press conference, the general manager of OL Vincent Ponsot returned to the strange management of El Arouch. For him, it is above all the choice of the coach. “He is part of the club’s project, we even made a press release to say it again, that will not change. Afterwards, it is not us who decide who plays and who does not play. There is a coach. The idea is to make staff that correspond to the strategy of the club. Who plays, who trains, it’s the coach who decides. »

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OL: Mohamed El Arouch finally trains with the pros

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