Wanda Icardi, the ultimate stripping bare


In what should be the end point of a multi-act soap opera, Wanda Icardi delivered the ultimate tale of her marital woes.

Long before the divorce announced by Hayet Abidal from her husband Eric Abidal as an extension of the Hamraoui affair, Wanda and Mauro Icardi animated social networks for a story of supposed flirtation between the PSG player and an Argentinian actress, all causing the departure of Madame Icardi before a succession of back and forths and twists. A few weeks after the end of this reality TV telenovela, the wife of the Argentinian striker delivered on this episode.

In an interview with Argentinian television, Wanda Nara said everything and first mentioned the trigger of the story: “ I was talking to the person who organizes our parties in Paris. During this time, I was looking for a photo on Mauro’s phone when I came across a conversation between him and a famous woman. Mauro had never told me about that. It all started from there.

Wanda pleads guilty

With hindsight, Mauro Icardi’s agent recognizes that she got carried away and did not take the time to think: ” It was my fault because I uploaded a story before I even told my loved ones. Since I’m always with my phone, the first thing I thought about was starting an argument. With Mauro, we show each other everything and I have always had an eye on his cell phone without ever having found anything of the kind. My reaction was a bit macho. It is true that I am very old fashioned. We are not an open couple.

And Madame Icardi to continue to justify herself: ” For me, just a little message can lead to divorce. The messages I read said things that I personally would not have written. […] Mauro told me it was nonsense and that he had made the mistake of his life. He directly confessed to me that there had been a meeting (with China Suarez, editor’s note) but nothing more. And that’s true. […] Corn for me, a message is very serious, even if something is happening or not. But today I can say that I have complete confidence in Mauro. So all’s well that ends well.

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