Wayne Rooney Completes Derby County Owner


Coach of Derby County, who has just officially filed for bankruptcy since Wednesday, Wayne Rooney was quick to emerge from the silence and the least we can say is that Mel Morris, the owner of the club, has some. taken for his rank! In comments relayed by the Daily Mail, the former international striker of the Three Lions (120 caps, 53 goals) pointed to the dishonesty of his boss by reproaching him in particular for filtering certain calls … “I haven’t spoken to him since August 9th. I tried and even attempted to call her on the team doctor’s phone. He answered so he could answer the doctor but not the club manager ”, first assaulted Rooney before adding: “He put a lot of money into the club and he deserves respect for that, but there is a way of doing things, you have to be transparent and honest and it did not happen like that”.

For his part, Mel Morris tried to reassure the locker room as the bankruptcy filing will result in an automatic penalty of 12 points. But to believe the former glory of Manchester United, the word of the boss of Derby County no longer seems to have the slightest effect in his entourage: “After the meeting, I spoke to the players and the staff for five minutes. They learned more than the 45 minutes Mel spoke to them ”. Note, in fact, that the withdrawal of points could increase further, a situation which, according to Rooney, would condemn the club almost defensively: “If the penalty remains at 12 points, I think we can hold on. No team has ever done it and I motivated the players to make history. But if it goes to 21 points, it will be very difficult and we will surely be in League One (D3) next year ”. Atmosphere.

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