we do not replace Lionel Messi like that …


The problems. While he must already find the right formula so that all his galactics can evolve together without jeopardizing the balance of his team, Mauricio Pochettino seems to have shot himself in the foot. By choosing to replace Lionel Messi with Achraf Hakimi, the Argentine coach surprised more than one.

Journalists on the one hand, because even if Messi was not having a big night, nobody really imagined that he was going to be the first Parisian player to give up his place. At a press conference, Pochettino tried to explain his choice: “Everyone knows that we have very great players, decisions are made for the best of the team, sometimes it works sometimes not, sometimes it pleases, sometimes not. We are there for that on the bench. His reaction ? I just asked him how he was, he told me he was fine. “

Messi hardly ever goes out, especially in home matches

Not really convincing. Finally, the PSG coach surprised the main interested. The photographers present at the Parc des Princes were quick to strafe La Pulga when it was released. And photos of a Messi shooting a six-foot-long head quickly went around the world. It must be said that the new number 30 red-and-blue had something to be challenged by the decision of his coach.

Opta Argentina has indeed revealed that, since 2010, Messi has started 371 times in La Liga at home. He has only been substituted 18 times, or 5% of his matches. For the moment, it is therefore 100% at the Park with PSG. But that’s not all. TyC Sports has gone back a little further and indicates that in 522 league games played, Messi has only been sent to the bench 52 times (10% of his matches). Finally, in the last four editions of the Champions League, the winner of the Copa América 2021 has only been replaced three times in 138 games. Not enough to visibly impress Pochettino.

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